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  1. sofia

    ahai ag akong 987 og 902 kanus.a paman ka tawon oi..

  2. lorna

    hilo….closing time na ba??

  3. unsay sure number oi panghatag mo….

  4. bEN10

    thank you frienship..keep on posting

  5. swertes….07 01 02 for this morning….

  6. 712 morning draw…..pls. try

  7. lucky3

    184 swerte na ako cguro mamaya.

  8. colas de alas

    congratz sa lahat ng nanalo…1232.

  9. goodpm admin at sa lahat ano best natin 4pm?

  10. vien87

    anoo pang 4pm?

  11. chivas

    hi to all my fans!!!

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