1. abing

    Gud morning , guide today 4-5,

  2. matjhuns

    pls give me number for 11 am draw…

  3. ghostrider

    479 373 613 best bet for today!

  4. gudluck guys sa akong mga tip number….hello admin…

  5. pahingi naman ng number swertress

  6. matjhuns

    sana lalabas number mo….

  7. Ang guide nko para 9pm 1 4

  8. matjhuns

    best bet for 9 pm..panghatag mo…

  9. hope have the luck on here

  10. jay

    Pahinge po sure number swertes .

  11. 9pm draw best bet 613. second choice 493

  12. jenette

    pang birthday ng anak ko this wednesday. pahnge ng number suertres

  13. Liezel

    Pa hinge nang number para bukas 9am draw

  14. nene

    pahingi num.swertres pls

  15. pahingi num.swertres pls

  16. Chriskent

    Pahingi ng num swertres for tomorrow please.

  17. maruchu

    Pahingi ng number swertres pambili po ng gamot ng nanay ko
    Please po..

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