1. Maryjosie

    Have a nice Thursday po. Admin give number ez2 pls thanks


    960 mid day result…pusoy na sad kaau..hohohoh

  3. Maryjosie

    Ez2 4 pm admin pls give me number

  4. mazinkeizer

    18-13 ez2

  5. mazinkeizer

    661 3digit 4pm

  6. nanette

    Nko pusoy na nman..350 result 4pm.

  7. Hahay ksayang 801 pa ang akoa
    wa marambol
    018 result..

  8. novalyn

    pahinge din# s suertres para manalo din ako

  9. edwin

    Yes! Im win! 🙂

  10. give num para bukas sa swertres

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