1. Caden B.

    Bakit may 6/58? New day?

  2. E.P. de Guzman

    I thought Lotto 6/58 draws are Fridays and Sundays. Why was there a 6/58 draw on Tuesday Feb. 14 – Special Valentine’s Day Draw? Or do you have a new schedule now for 6/58?

  3. Christiam

    Bakit po tatlong category ung draw today?

  4. Edward

    Every tuesdays, fridays and sundays na ang draw ng 6/58

  5. Cristobal Andal

    Baka special draw for Valentines Day but parang wala info.

  6. Tony Miraflor

    Bakit po biglang may bola ng 6/58 di naman po iniform mga outlet. Please enlighten us about this

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