1. Zaitam

    Good mwning Admin! Mga bossings! Man of steel, Superman! Master the great Zelf67! Deep Diver! Omar531! Ogie01! Thingy! Redhorse! Titser Angken! Mommy! Electra! Cyberfriendsss!!! God Bless Us!!!

  2. Good morning everyone 138 whole day draw.

  3. Good morning admin, superman and to all! Share lang 481 881 552 512 621 691 291 target ramble.

  4. Electra

    Gudam Admin and to all!

    Share; 731 017 176 179 377 027 717 GL

    Thanks Admin. Be safe everyone!

  5. Islander

    and to respected master SUPERMAN, idol ZELF67, Mommy, Heart14, Abby, Bern, Sir Zaitam, Omar531, Thingy, Klanx, Spanky13, Kram, Electra, Scorpion, Lupin D3, Bene, Anne, Vonjing, Pointer and other sharers and viewers
    Sharey bet CODE # ni sir OMAR
    Good Luck to all of us. keep Safe

  6. Zelf67

    Maayong Buntag Sir @ADMiN Higalang Vintage KO Dinhi
    MGA Sites Master @Zaitam Master @superman (Man of Steel)
    @thingy @Omar @Red Horse @anken @Mommy @Deep diver
    Others not to mention Stay Safe God Bless and Gudlak all…

  7. Zelf67

    Good noon @slander!

  8. ellezoe

    216 341 742

  9. Good morning admin/moderators,zaitam,superman ,zelf,thingy,ogie,redhorse ,mommy,madel,heart,electra,angken,bern,klanx,noldy, alnino,Islander,Babydip,Scorpio abbey,pointer,kram and to all sitemates!!!
    Share: 432-392-556-557-932-389 Goodluck be with us. God bless. Keep safe !

  10. Noldy

    Good noon admin, moderators. zaitam,superman ,zelf,thingy,ogie,redhorse ,mommy,madel,heart,electra,angken,bern,klanx,omar531, alnino,Islander,Babydip,Scorpio abbey,pointer,kram and to all sitemates!!! Gandang buhay

    Share to all draws:
    035,135,631,632,630 goodluck.

  11. superman ( man of steel )

    gd morning admin share
    (25all) 250 256
    (28all) 280
    ((56all) 566
    (50all) 560
    (16all) 166
    (12all) 126
    (10all) 160
    (32all) 326
    (36all) 360 other pair no 66 62 60

  12. gd afternon admin.,
    share all draws
    764 436
    happy all.,

  13. Magandang hapon admin at sa lahat
    Share 943 801 778

  14. all draws
    goodluck all.,

  15. Junnex76

    Share lng sir admin 103t/r….

  16. Balikan ko yung 138 bakasakaling payagan ang pakiusap at ibigay.

  17. superman ( man of steel )

    congrats po sa pa m10 721 isa nalng 124 178

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