1. Zelf67

    Good Morning Sir @ADMiN and Moderator Specially Higala Kong
    PAROLA Founder Sir @ZAiTAM and MASTER Super HERO Sir @Ogie01
    @superman (Man of Steel) other is @NOYs @Boyax @Sniper @spider
    @mommy @Bumps @Avengers @deepDiver @Redsun @hooker
    @Omar531 @lavender @mommy @bhong @redhorse @simplylyn
    @heart @Grace @madel @Hearth14 @geng @anonymous @thingy @monsky @marko @s3enthusiasts @jhung @siilentreader @scorpio
    Other not mention Re:minder Stay @HOME for Safe of this Pandemic COVID19 Gudlak all Today & GoD Bless SHARE: for Whole DAY Draw
    =2Pm-134*170*152 =5Pm-657*639*774 =9Eve-132*102*607*409
    Think (+) Positive Gudlak sa atong Tanan Salamat Sir @Admin and Moderator

  2. Zaitam

    Good mwning Admin! Mga bossings! Master the great Zelf67! Balae Man of steel Superman! Sisid king Deep Diver! Omar531! Ogie01! Thingy! Redhorse! Titser Angken! Happy kalag2x hurooooot!!! God Bless!!!

  3. Mcstorm

    Good morning

  4. Angken

    good morning admin
    maayong morning sir zaitam ug
    master zelf..happy sunday!!

  5. Omar531

    Good morning admin@superman@zelf@zaitam@angken@redhorse@thingy@0gie@heart@grace@mcstorm@electra@bern@deep and to sitemates !!! Blessed and lucky Sunday!
    Share: 142-143-173-174

  6. superman ( man of steel )

    gd motning admin at sa lahat nandito share
    (63) 663 063
    (65) 656 655 256 956
    (61) 661 961
    (66) 666

  7. Freyha

    no draw ngayon hanggang bukas due to typhoon

  8. sa nov. 3, 2020 mag resume pcso draw

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