1. Joseph

    Number po Pamasko

  2. Zelf67

    GooD Morning Sir @Admin @Ogie01@Omar531 @superman @lavender @Redhorse @warlock @mommy @bhong, leelit @domino @simplylyn @deepdiver @lorna @cupcake @heart @Grace @madel @anom @Thingy @fisherman @anonymous @monsky @marko @s3enthusiasts @jhung @rusty @phantom @iron man @pintagon @all PWEDEH.COM MERRY CHRISTMAS time 8come Merry Christmas SHARE: Pair 202-&-557 my Evening Possible 579 or 957 pang NOCHE Buena..

  3. good morning adm. sir superman@zaitam@bhong@zelf@ogie@geng@omar@thingy@lavender@mommy@madel@grace@ironman@jhony@jhungsa lahat merry xmas and happy nwe year 11am draw 125-159-346-791-615-264-t/r lasto 25-52-24-42-13-15-39-88-55-66-

  4. bhong

    good morning admin all.. gm too bro @zelf67 @redhorse merry christmas………… 250 205 pakapin; 657 751 gl

  5. Gud morning po sa lahat… 180 408 430

  6. bhong

    pahabol; 520

  7. Good day Admin, superman, lavender, redhorse, warlock, mommy, zelf67, bhong, zaitam,simplylyn, cupcake, heart, grace, madel,, fisher, geng, anonymous ,thingy, bumps, monsky, marko, s3enthusiasts, jhung, rusty, phantom, iron man, and to all sitemates!!! Have a Lucky day ahead…And a Blessed Christmas!!!
    Share: 942-926-947

  8. Aliporos

    ::: 425 250 256 :::


  9. Zelf67

    413 and 431
    Sulay lang sa
    Alas Cuatro
    GudLak G/B

  10. Anonymous58

    Good am to all and advance merry christmas, thanks mommy and en3thusias s bati kagabi sayang am pumasok s isipan ko 103 kaso iba tinayaan ko. Share 717 757 787 557 337 887

  11. Kalandrakas

    Good am administrator and sitemates, Merry Christmas to all, mommy post na imong number,083 -am result

  12. gud am admin kuya deep where na you…

  13. mommy

    Merry christmas everyone result swertres triple 222,4pm stl 900.

  14. Bene

    Good afternoon og MERRY CHRISTMAS sa tanan.

  15. Bene

    @mommy unda maayo sa lasto sa 6d og STL? Pangayo og panghatag kung naa. Daghang salamat daan

  16. Yes tnk u admin tnk u pcso.. nkalimutan ko may taya pla ako kagabi advance para ngayon 083 salamat merry christmas woooo cgratz sa lahat…. 3x beses pnalo this month tnk u tlaga pcso

  17. 2nd draw- 222 result

  18. mommy

    167 3d stl 933 congrats eveyrone, thank you admin,

  19. s3Enthusiasts

    A Merry X’mas to one and all

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