1. nheil

    Kung sinara ang PCSO dahil sa kurapsyon, baket d rin ipasara ang kongreso at senado at ang Palasyo mismo?hahahaha atik napod tatay Digong ….

  2. The shadow

    Don’t worry lotto swertres stl peryahan afficionados… Mostly all draw personnel,numbers manipulator programmer , data security & most higher staff ect…,, wii be laid off ,,, their money assets will be freezed out soon…wait for around 30 days lotto operation wii be back to normal with a new competent employees that follow the rules of the game,,, thank you

  3. Paradise15

    @ The shadow:
    Totoo ba ito paps?

  4. ano ba yung pitsa nang result sa 3 digit na bago ay palagi lang 7/31, walang tamang pitsa

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