1. Zaitam

    Good mwning Admin! Mga bossings! Balae Superman! Master the great Zelf67! Sisid king Deep Diver! Omar531! Ogie01! Thingy! Redhorse! Titser Angken! Cybermates! May laro ngayon!!! God Bless!!!

  2. Zelf67

    Good Morning Sir @ADMiN and Moderator Specially Higala Kong
    PAROLA Founder Sir @ZAiTAM and MASTER Super HERO Sir @Ogie01
    @superman (Man of Steel) other is @NOYs @Boyax @Sniper @spider
    @mommy @Bumps @Avengers @deepDiver @Redsun @hooker
    @Omar531 @lavender @mommy @bhong @redhorse @simplylyn
    @heart @Grace @madel @Hearth14 @geng @anonymous @thingy @monsky @marko @s3enthusiasts @jhung @siilentreader @scorpio
    Other not mention Re:minder Stay @HOME for Safe of this Pandemic COVID19 Gudlak all Today & GoD Bless SHARE: for Whole DAY Draw
    =2Pm-134*170*152 =5Pm-657*639*774 =9Eve-132*102*607*409
    Think (+) Positive Gudlak sa atong Tanan Salamat Sir @Admin and Moderator and For Next NORMAL Draw @2Pm=>711*115 Gudlak all

  3. myk

    Goodday admin
    .. share 328

  4. Anong 2pm result mga Boss? Pwd paki update?
    Salamat Admin?

  5. superman ( man of steel )

    GD evening admin share
    (81) 418 318
    (85) 458
    (11) 311 611
    [88) 188 588

  6. Tenor 1

    Praying for the Souls in Purgatory and to all souls not remembered! Share my intuition for 9p.m. draw: 965R/T. Thanks Admin

  7. Good evening po Admin at sa lahat ng masters dito sa pwedeh.com.Try ko lang po mag share for 9pm draw=444,144,677,600.Thank you Admin

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