1. Maricel


  2. Zaitam

    Good mwning Admin! Mga bossings! Man of steel, Superman! Master the great Zelf67! Deep Diver! Omar531! Ogie01! Thingy! Redhorse! Titser Angken! Mommy! Electra! Cyberfriendsss!!!

  3. Jojo???


  4. Islander

    and to respected master SUPERMAN, sir Zaitam, idol ZELF67, REDHORSE, Mommy, Heart14, Abby, Bern, Sir Omar531, Thingy, Klanx, Spanky13, Kram, Electra, Scorpion, Lupin D3, Bene, Anne, Vonjing, Pointer and other sharers and viewers
    My bet for 2pm (((809-098-908-808-805))
    Sana pag bigyan mo chairman pag kunso sa time ng MGCQ- Thank you po.

  5. Thingy

    Good noon admin boss zaitam, superman, alnino, omar, redhorse, islander, pointer, zelf, klanx, kram,mommy ,madz, heart, electra, abbey,ogie,scorpio, capricorn and to all.. Share 618 608 509 508 908

  6. Goodafternoon mga ka sitemates and to you admin share for 2pm draw 435 120 gl…

  7. Hello

  8. Junex65

    Good pm admin, superman, masters and to all! Share all draw 901 011 010 291 299 290 259 target ramble.

  9. Happy Sunday admin.. Superman at sa lahat 110 964 778 185

  10. Zelf67

    Maayong Hapon Sir @ADMiN Higalang Vintage ko Dinhi
    MGA Sites Master @Zaitam Master @superman (Man of Steel)
    @thingy @Omar @Red Horse @anken @Mommy @Deep diver
    @islander Others not to mention Stay Safe God Bless and Gudlak all…

  11. Maayong gabii to all, kadtong ganahan aning akong kombinasyon, abay lang 943-493- ginagmay lang. Target rambol.

  12. Naunsa naman si pisoy uy, gi-slayran man akong 943-493. Target rambol man unta to kay pamasin.

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