1. Efren Dalumpines

    I wish to build a school building something like a hospital wherein traditional and natural treatment shall be taught and treated.. which is free of charges for the believing patients… I wish to win the Ultra Lotto too, to acquire budget/expenses for this noble purpose.. GOD bless..

  2. Ernesto A. Salazar

    If God giving a chance to me on this time if I am the lucky to win this Ultra Lotto jackpot. i will do my best to help the poor kids in the Philippines who are sick and some needed for Operation and some Church in the Malangas Zamboanga sibugay and near in my Home Talay, Dumaguete cit. also I will give some fund for Mr. Raphy Tulfo who are helping to the people specially the OFW. also I will do a Medical Mission for same in my native land Malangas. of course all families i will do share… God bless you all…

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