1. Efren Dalumpines

    I will get the jackpot prize… POSITIVE….!!

  2. EAP

    6/55 will be mine, for its God’s will

  3. ako and n ang susunod na milyonaryo…. for God’s will … I claim it
    tenks God…..

  4. roel n

    the jackpot is near…

  5. sakin mapupunta yang jackpot ng 6/55.. not in gods will 🙂

  6. Wilson

    Naway ako na ang manalo sa bola sa 6/55 Grand Lotto sa sabado, June 20, 2015. Salamat mahal na ama.

  7. Ron

    the only thing i know is that I TRUST GOD and i know he will grant my wish

  8. gina

    Thank;nanalo ako sa swertres lotto.sana sanud manalo ako grandlotto 6/55 ……thanks god…..

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