1. rose

    goodmorning everyone…..
    Congrats winners kagabi…
    Coffee na tayo mga friends….
    Happy holiday…

  2. rose

    congrats sa mga L2 idols…edwin and dodz….

  3. goodmorning

  4. J42

    Good morning to all.
    Congrats to all winners yesterday.
    Have a Blessed Holy Week.

  5. Floro Parilla

    Gud am…happy holiday!!

  6. ms.s3xy18(The AdikTus)

    good morning rose :)..admin hehehehe napadaan lng

  7. shamie

    gud morning tnx sa 749 naka panalo rin kahapon 653 rumble tnx GOD

  8. Gud morning admin .. and all

  9. Odette

    a blessed holy week to all . . .

  10. vanessa

    Happy Holiday to everyone…

  11. goodmorning admin f5 b5 clasm8s and all sitemates hihihi

  12. DODZ...(the kizz)...

    Maundy Thursday – March 28, 2013
    Good Friday – March 29, 2013
    Black Saturday – March 30, 2013
    Easter Sunday –March 31, 2013
    trust,sacrifice,love and peace…to all…

  13. jessicaR


    til neek week guys !
    Happy Holiday 🙂

  14. Miles24


  15. Zaitam

    @sir dodz gud mwning! ‘trust,sacrifice, love, peace ang winnings kamo siir!!!! hehehe gud mwwwwning sa tanan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. happy hollyweek

  17. jhun

    Good Morning Admin..
    Good Morning all…
    “Happy Holiday to all”

  18. happy holidays to all.:-X

  19. commander-[pro]-

    happy holiday! god bless…

  20. paopao..say

    Happy holiday

  21. botoy

    good morning to all….

  22. nitrax

    happy holiday to all 🙂

  23. nitrax

    happy holiday 🙂

  24. Good day to all of us.. Happy Holiday everyone…

  25. eboy

    Happy holiday

  26. gud am jhun_air,bibs_be,stgmata,noel,icecool, naminchi,winn88, admin,nicey,doodz, delta,rj,ogie01,grace,jaws3,bubbles,joanbonner,melby,superman, larry,edwin,pepito m,iluminating kabng,,palito,lucky9,butar,lorna,lg,mssexy18, mistergoodwill,yolly57,melby, rokawa,ayesh, gurax,steph,ug sa tanan ingat sa byahe guys.love u all.

  27. gwapzzzz

    happy holiday……………

  28. yenberz

    happy holiday guyz……………GOD BLESS @ ALL….

  29. yeN

    gud nun every1,,,,,,,,,happy holiday……GOD BLESS…..

  30. happy holiday mga ka sitemates.anong ginagawa ni9nyo dyan. magbiko ko taod taod anhe mo drea kung nakatood mo hehehehe………….

  31. Lutas ang mga tayador karon..hehehe

  32. happy holy week admin

  33. rj

    Happy Holiday to all…

  34. lyncd0

    happy holiday to all..

  35. Artbiga

    347 jai alai result

  36. nikki08910

    God B|ess our days ….

  37. Enjoy the Break and be safe always peepz!!!

  38. sam dvo

    gd pm! masters, happy long weekend masters, kalami sa sud-an karunm gina-taagng kalabasa png palinaw ng mata..hehe kaon ta mga bosss…god bless us all,,,

  39. Good pm hurut!

  40. repentance kmuna friends.have a nice holy week w/creator.

  41. doray

    fasting for 4 days unlike Jesus who fasted for 40 days. . . . . no draws no betting for 4 days.

    Reflect, meditate and communion with God………….

  42. Experts101

    For GoD so loved the world, he gave us his only son.

    Have a warm and Blessed day.

  43. bebz

    happy holiday

  44. paopao..say

    Hi…manimo ta camote

  45. dondon

    hi,,share naman kayo ng mga number nyo jan…

  46. dako ta ug savings kay wala ta pildi.

  47. mhigzs

    Kailan ako mananalo ng milyon s lotto? Tip naman dyan.

  48. rj

    Happy hollyweek everyone…

  49. deepdiver (AQUA MAN)

    Let this season of LENT remind us all that this life we have and the material possessions we hold are just being LENT to us. We’re all passersby. We’re not immigrants here. We’re all pilgrims on the road. We bring nothing when we die. But we can leave behind the love we’ve shared, the hope we have given and the goodness we’ve done. May we all have a meaningful HOLY WEEK. GOD BLESS.

  50. blackscar

    hello everyone

  51. Good eve my brothers and sisters :),papa Jesus said love one another…it’s time to live a new life.I hope kaya ko na magbago

  52. Odette

    gdnyt mga peepz . . .

  53. Apple

    hello everyone 🙂

  54. nikki08910

    good morning admin and to a|| sitemates
    have a B|essed good friday
    God B|ess Us !

  55. roxanille

    gud am to evey one. im new ib this site.

  56. hi,pahinge naman kayo ng number para manalo naman ako tagal ku ng nagtaya hindi ako nanalp puro talo,

  57. happy holyday 2 every one!

  58. vincent_skater

    happy holiday to all. . .

  59. Kitkat have a break

    lets ask for forgiveness of our sins….this lenten season…

  60. Kitkat have a break


  61. yenberz

    a BLESSED GOOD FRIDAY 2 all of us,,,,,,may d GRACE & MERCY of our DEAR GOD be upon us……gud nun every1…..

  62. bhoytoplok

    feel GOD in our heart always…..

  63. hello admin!
    @hello po sa lahat have a blessed good friday po sa inyo!

  64. MEGATRON(Gusto Ko Happy Ko)

    gud eve admin

  65. MEGATRON(Gusto Ko Happy Ka)

    Bc lahat ng ta0

  66. Boomshakalak


  67. arneth

    evening everybody…have a happy holiday to all of us..

  68. twitzling

    tHrOugH pRaYErS

    GOd hears
    moRe than
    yOu Say,

    HE answers
    more than
    you ask,

    HE gives
    more than
    you desire…

    all HE need is
    YOUR TIME! May ds Lenten season brings us back to God. . . .a blessful good friday everyone!

  69. twitzling

    Be a channel of inspiration to every person you meet along the way…
    Life is never a coincidence. It’s the fruit of the SEED you plant…
    Remember there are only two days in our lives that we cannot do anything about. One is YESTERDAY which is already gone,
    the other is TOMORROW which is uncertain and might not come at all.
    We can only live for TODAY…
    so, work, relax, LOVE, PRAY,REPENT,live as a TRUE CHRISTIAN and live LIFE to the fullest.
    Blessed HOLY WEEK TO U BRETHREN.-.-)

  70. Odette

    gdnyt na nman mga peepzzzZzzz . . .

  71. ryan2013

    ano sure last beat ngyn lunes pnge namn advance plsssss post k superman

  72. Yolly57

    Salamat Susie sa greetings and happy Holy Week sa atong tanan

  73. yen

    a BLESSED BLACK SATURDAY for all of us,,,,,may d GRACE & MERCY of our DEAR GOD be upon us…gud murning admin/pcso,,murning all mga masterz & all mga qa sitem8z….

  74. gazelle

    HAPPY EASTER, everyone! resume na JAI ALAI tonyt…. with new set of players…. hope to win again….will post later for tips

  75. Odette

    gud morning peepz!

  76. blackscar

    good morning

  77. algen

    Good morning admin and to all site mates.Have a great day ahead! God bless…

  78. algen

    na mis ko ang draw sa swertres hehehe.

  79. good morning admin ug sa nga sitemate

  80. JUNIOR


  81. Winning number naman para makabayad ako sa utang ko.

  82. Odette

    @Artbiga, gud pm. pwde hingi j.a. results sa 28 at 29? THANKS

  83. jayse shirts

    357 monday

  84. Odette

    @Atbiga . . . kindly post mar.28 & 29’s j.a.results pati na rin mamya na laro. THANK YOU, gdnyt

  85. Odette

    the Lord has risen! alleluiia, alleluia!

    happy easter to all . . .

  86. lissy



  88. jhun

    Happy Easter To All….

  89. algen

    Good morning admin & to all sitemates, happy easter sunday to all.

  90. 625mandatu


  91. 625mandatu Says:
    March 31st, 2013 at 10:02 am


    ~~~~sa anong draw po ito sir.

  92. Rejoice! Christ has risen! His resurrection brings
    new hope to everyone! Halleluiah!!
    Happy Easter to all!!!!!

  93. paopao

    Hi bag.o lng ko d2 unsay maayo para ugma

  94. kent

    lord ilove u mag babago na po ako!!! promise!!!
    sana mapatawd mo po ako ulit,:)

  95. I LOVE U ALL >>>>sa lahat ng mga madlang people!!!!

  96. Cherry M.

    hello guys happy Easter sa inyong tanan..

  97. Easter Sunday is the Feast of all Feasts because today is the day the Lord has resurrected from his death.. Christmas is just a feast of the birth of Christ, so this Easter Sunday we have to Rejoice & be Glad for God has risen from the dead.

  98. c otso

    hi!!, thz my friends ur fully charges – refresh –
    new hearth & all bago naaa.. amen

  99. paopao say

    Pra bukas share lng
    9 ( )
    0 2 gud luck

  100. march 30 j.a. result 1065
    t0nyt j.a. tip:
    8103 happy easter everyone!!

  101. evee

    happy easter….admin,sitemates…..

  102. paopao

    Unsay maayo para ugma

  103. ogie01

    @all including Admin. happy easter po sa lahat, balik trabaho uli tayo tom

  104. maude

    Happy easter guys.

  105. romantictisoyxx

    happy ester sunday to all hellow admin….

  106. ryan2013

    easter egg 000 result bks monday mioday firt time to 000 result sa umaga taya agad hehhehehe…………

  107. jea

    congrats sa tanan….bwas naman….

  108. jovieve

    gud evening evry1…gud evning admin.happy easter po sa inyung lahat.

  109. Larry

    No J. Alai March 28, 29…Only started March 30 result….1065

  110. yen

    gud eves admin,,mga masterz,,kasitem8z….HaPpY EaStEr 2 a|l…..GoD B|ess…..

  111. Leon Guerrero (Abtik Mokabayo)

    5 2 1

  112. hon

    happy easter admin


  113. bestay43

    GUD Evening sitemates!admin!

  114. Larry

    Happy Easter Sunday to Admin at sa lahat na sitemates…

  115. wrong turn

    027 para ugma

  116. wrong turn

    good night all..good luck to us…bye the way totoo ang sinabi ni alnapz umataki talaga ang NPA

  117. wrong turn

    admin i love u..sana palusotin mo # ko bukas hehehe

  118. maligayang pagkabuhay, admin at sitemates

  119. ashley32

    Sir Larry hatagi ko numero sa jai alai

  120. kendi

    gud eve po sa lahat..tom s another draw,hehehe..

  121. benteuno

    gandang gabi admin….

  122. hello to all bago lang ako dito 576 unta ugma pls lord

  123. Leon Guerrero (abtik mokabayo)

    wrong turn Says:
    March 31st, 2013 at 9:26 pm

    good night all..good luck to us…bye the way totoo ang sinabi ni alnapz umataki talaga ang NPA
    the npa attacked the panaad 2013 at P4 Sitio Iyao, Bgry. Anticala, Butuan City at about 5:21AM of March 29, 2013, closely located to the 3rd station of the cross during religious activities conducted by Roman Catholic devotees.

    dont forget it was 5:21Am


  124. Leon Guerrero (abtik mokabayo)

    the npa attacked the panaad 2013 at P4 Sitio Iyao, Bgry. Anticala, Butuan City at about 5:21AM of March 29, 2013, closely located to the 3rd station of the cross during religious activities conducted by Roman Catholic devotees.

    dont forget it was 5:21Am


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