1. Islander

    GOOD AFTERNOON BOSS ADMIN: and to respected master SUPERMAN, REDHORSE ZELF67, Mommy, Sir Zaitam, Omar531, Thingy, Klanx, Spanky13, Kram, Electra, Scorpion, Lupin D3, Bene, Anne, Vonjing, Pointers, DeepDiver, and other sharers and viewers. Asa na man mo mga masters share na: para naman maka sabay po.

  2. superman ( man of steel )

    superman ( man of steel )
    June 5, 2021 (2:42 pm) #

    gd pm admin share

    (36all) < resukt 346

    (46all) < resukt 346

  3. mommy

    Good afternoon admin yeees 346 result daug ts target rambol atong p menten ghapon gawas dyon kron. I hope naay nkasabay pdyon ang dha nga nblin until 3 days, 401 674 614 9pm thanks ,

  4. Thingy

    Congratz mommy!
    Sayang karon ta ng para gabi.e nko paliton mommy hehe

  5. ongrat superman
    congrat mommy

  6. superman ( man of steel )

    gd evening admin thank you share
    (04all) 460
    (06all) 360
    (39all) 369
    (31all( 139
    (79all) 769
    (71all) 179
    (91all) 169

  7. Gud pm sa tanan²
    Share 505 gl thnx ADMIN…

  8. Madel147

    Mommy congrats.. thank you daog na pud ko. Yessss .yehhhh
    Thank you admin

  9. mommy

    Wow congrats madel sa 346 ,now 291 stl result mindanao.

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