1. Zelf67

    Good Morning Sir @ADMiN and Moderator Specially Higala Kong
    PAROLA Founder Sir @ZAiTAM and MASTER Super HERO Sir @Ogie01
    @superman (Man of Steel) other is @NOYs @Boyax @Sniper @spider
    @mommy @Bumps @Avengers @Deepdiver @Redsun @hooker
    @Omar531 @lavender @mommy @bhong @redhorse @simplylyn
    @heart @Grace @Madel147 @Hearth14 @geng @anonymous @thingy @monsky @marko @s3enthusiasts @jhung @siilentreader @scorpio
    @Angken Other not get Re:minder Stay @HOME for Safe of this Pandemic COVID19 Gudlak all Today & GoD Bless Think (+) Positive
    Gudlak sa atong Tanan Salamat Sir @Admin and Moderator
    Share lang ko ug **714/435** Gudlak all God Bless all

  2. superman ( man of steel )

    gd morning admin share
    (09) 039 099 092 097
    (03) 037 130 330

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