1. Zaitam

    Good mwning po sir Admin/moderators! Mga bossings! Cybermates! Happy Monday hurooot! God Bless Us!

  2. bhong

    good morning admin brother @superman ( man of steel ) ) bro @bumps bro @zelf67 bro @redhorse @johnny625 @omar531 bro @thingy @ogie01@monsky @jhung2x @s3enthusiasts @domino @marko @scorpio @lavender @mommy @madel147 @geng097 @simply_lyn834 n all share 083 730 732 gl

  3. jhung2x

    Good morning admin all site mates, morning to bhong
    share 326 927 849 870

  4. Geng097

    Morning,bos admen,morning to bhong,morning sa lahat,share:524-097, ty.po boss admen,

  5. Good day Admin, superman, lavender, redhorse, warlock, mommy, zelf67, bhong, zaitam,simplylyn, cupcake, heart, grace, madel,, fisher, geng, anonymous ,thingy, bumps, monsky, marko, s3enthusiasts, jhung, rusty, phantom, iron man, and to all sitemates!!!
    Luçky MONDAY all…
    Share:531503535,369,395,096,904 goodluck..


    good mong admin @ bhong
    share 361 t/r

  7. Good morning admin moderators @bhong @lavender @redhorse @tsambalero @phantom235 @omar531 @superman ( man of steel ) @deepdiver ( aquaman ) @fisher @S3Enthusiasts @thingy @jimmy @jhung2x @rusty @ogie @leelit @geng097 @heart14 @mommy @grace @madel @dawnville @cupcake @simply_lyn @ana@sangay @style143 and all sitemates!

  8. Alldraw: 403-803-912

  9. Grats bro@ jhonny, slide akua hehehe
    Thanks admin..

  10. Madel147

    Congrats johnny…..result 034……congrats allwinners….

  11. bhong

    congrats @johnny625 n all 034 winners share 648 489 gl



  13. Thanks sa greetings guys 4pm share: 349-359-358-978

  14. s3Enthusiasts

    537 Winners

  15. thingy

    Good noon admin bros & sis congratz bro johnny & to all silent winners
    Just released from ICU yesterday and thank god everthing is going smooth right now. hope everythings gonna be ok..
    My lucky no. 191 919 thanks admin
    Good luck & GOD BLESS!!!

  16. bhong

    gd pm admin all 562 972 gl

  17. Grats all winners….
    Stay safe bro.thingy…hehegeheshare
    719,765,199,828,878,787 goodluck
    Thanks admin…

  18. Thingy

    @ Omar531:
    Thanks bro i will lol

  19. madel147

    Are you ok thingy? Icu ? How comes, you was landing in icu thingy?,, icu is serious, ,,,, why what was happen to you,,?

  20. madel147

    Get well soon thingy,, god bless you,,

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