1. 6/55 winning prize is mine within this week. 🙂

  2. 6/55 next draw will be mine!

  3. God to be the glory!
    Peace be with you both!
    Good Luck sa lahat.

  4. EAP

    God promised me that thy give me the 6/55 lottery

  5. rose

    i’ll be 1 of the winner nxt week for the draw 6/55..AMEN! Thy Will Be Done!!!

  6. libra07

    Sana masapol KO nexdraw Sana lord ,,,amen

  7. Philip

    Sa Mega 6/45 po ba pag nakkuha mo yun apat sa anim na numerong lumabas ay make may premyo din po bak? Slamat po first ko lang kasi tumaya

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