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  1. be a game tester

    Ok, So I have been looking every where. I can’t find anything. I want to test video game’s. I play video games a lot! I turn 17 this may on the 9th. I do have a life by the way. I have friends but I mostly play video games and I would love to play video games and get paid. I don’t care If I get paid 5 to 10 dollars a hour! Look It’s hard to find a job, I’m a drop out I dropped out I think It was before the last semester of my 9th grade, Cause I accidentally pulled a fire alarm. It really was a accident. Although I am getting my G.E.D. But I have applied for at least 4 or 5 different jobs. But tonight I just thought It would be the greatest job to play video games! I thought to my self for a while did some thinking and Truthfully, Video games is half my life. So why not put this wonderful skill of playing video games too good use to make my life worth living.. So, If you are reading this and you know anybody out there that can PROBABLY set me up with a thing I can test video games at home, That would only pay only like 5 dollars a hour I would greatly Appreciate It.

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